Presenting the SQUARE CITY, a 2 acres township with green surroundings and modern amenities.

Started on July, 2017
"An ongoing and very successful project situated on Raibarely Road on NH-24 in Mohanlalganj, just 30 minutes drive from the heart of the city, that is Lucknow. Square City Project is started in the year 2017. It will be covered with lush green expanses and yet bring to you all the modern infra-structure with wide internal road, parks and all the amenities for a better living.”

Square City - Raibarely Road, Lucknow

This is a residential and semi commercial township project. Square City offers one of the best residential areas; the City can offer. The project in its essence is defined with all the necessary features, thereby to be a self-contained residential project.

The primary idea is to build up a township which will be modernized with the essence of our very Indian culture and very well remain in the cusp of nature.

“Square city will surely be place which the fortunate will proudly call home, a place where the pure smell of nature will intoxicate and inspire, a place where the laughter of children will reverberate in lush fields, a place where exotic tastes of the world delight even the most refined palates.”

Square City is the one that leaves you with no choice other than settling here with your family, not just because of its appealing construction but also the amazing complementary facilities it extends to you. Not to talk of the houses, but we have many more to offer you in this 'mini paradise'. Here, you will find a complete world for yourself where everything is available for your comfort and convenience.

It is a project that perfectly combines nature with the best of modern infrastructure, and one to have peace and incomparable peace. Located at a very accessible location of Raibarely Road, this project is surrounded by reputed institutions, hospitals, hotels, banks and well connected with outer ring road.